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  • 2018-6-6What is PFC?

    Power Factor Correction or PFC is to improve the ratio of apparent power to real power. The power factor is around 0.4~0.6 in non-PFC models. In models with PFC circuit, the power factor can reach above 0.95. The calculation formulas are as follows: Apparent Power=Input Voltage x Input Current (V..

  • 2018-6-6PCB layout

    General PCB design process basically as follows: preparation -> PCB Design -> PCB layout -> routing -> routing optimization, and screen printing -> Network and DRC inspection and structural inspection -> plate.
           First: preparation. This includes the..

  • 2018-6-6UPS batteries of different types of advantages and disadvantages

    A: UPS battery commonly used types of factors that affect battery life, different kinds of advantages and disadvantages of the battery: 
           Applications in UPS battery There are three types: liquid lead-acid batteries, including an open, maintenance-free battery, ..

  • 2018-6-8Quality Assurance System

    Product design quality Collaborative Design
    Real-time information gathering system Direct Report Management System
    Timely internal mail system
    keep improve
    200PPM user site Quality Policy

  • 2018-6-5 Switching Power Supply Design

     Switching Power Supply Design  
           Switching power supply work in high frequency, high pulse state, are analog circuits in a rather special kind. Cloth boards to follow the principle of high-frequency circuit wiring. 

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